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About Us

New Faith. Ancient Wisdom. Spiritual Restoration.

With the evolution of society's perception of spirituality, we offer a new path to enlightenment that is rooted in ancient wisdom and human tradition. 

-About Us-


Milokan Botanica is a religious supply store conveniently located in North Miami Beach, FL. Opened in 2012, our retail and online stores provide our customers with premium mystical, spiritual, and religious supplies and services.


Our knowledgeable staff is trained to provide our customers with optimum product advice and spiritual suggestions for any spiritual problem or inquiry. We believe in the importance of infusing traditional spiritualism with a modern, hassle-free shopping experience. Our products are always manufactured with tradition and effectiveness in mind. Milokan Botanica caters to believers of all faiths and aims to make shopping for your religious needs as easy and comfortable as possible.


From Haitian Vodou items, Santeria-Ifa tools, Christian Religious Items, Wiccan ingredients, Buddhist articles, Hindu articles, general spell kits, to herbal remedies Milokan Botanica is the premier location of South Florida to purchase all of your spiritual needs. For more information on the in-store spiritual services we provide please call us at (305)816-6518.

Our Mission


"It is our Mission at Milokan Botanica to provide those in search of solutions as well as a new approach to spirituality with premium service and access to ancient wisdom. We are dedicated to welcoming our customers to embrace their spiritual journey and create their own unique spiritual identity."

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