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Herb Cleansing Package includes:

Incense for your home/space:

Cleansing, purification of space

Good for Spiritual clarity (meditation), attraction of energy, blessings

-Charcoal (needed to burn the incense)

: this package includes the following herbs
-Quita Maldicion 
(remove jinx)
-Abre Camino 
(opens roads)
(brings luck and $prosperity)
(negative energy removal)
-Amansa Guapo 
(Good for love)
-Yerba Buena 
(revitalization of spirit and aura)

Price $177

Plus $6.95 shipping

This package includes these herbs, soaps, the incense, charcaol, in addition to custom made bath mixtures that promote luck in all areas of life.. The package includes instructions and of course you can always call us with question or concerns.

Custom-Made 7 Herb Cleansing Bath

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