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The Importance of Spiritual Cleansing

In today's society we are bombarded by a variety of companies offering detox teas, detox vitamin cocktails, and various physical cleansing remedies that are designed to purify our bodies. As a society, we have placed central focus on the preservation of the physical and left the spiritual component of our humanity at the way side. We have forgotten our spirit, that which makes us who we are.

Exchange of Energy

With many interactions we engage in we experience an "exchange of energy".

We have to be mindful of this exchange in that when we receive negative energy it creates blockages in our lives. We become immersed in a darker realm of reality. One in which seems like everything is "going wrong". The solution or cure for negative energy exchanges is spiritual cleansing.

Other times it was not an exchange of energy that has lead to the blockages in our lives but rather a deliberate spiritual attack by an enemy. The cure for these attacks is also spiritual cleansing.

The Evil Eye

And last but not least there can be significant blockages created by what is known as the "evil eye". The "evil eye" ,"is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury". In my experience, the "evil eye" is one of the most prevalent causes of hardship and blockages in many individuals' lives. Anyone can become victim to the evil eye, be it children, adults, the elderly, or even an animal. The cure for this is also spiritual cleansing, in addition to wearing protective amulets , jewelry, talismans, or beads (collares) to ward against it.

To those who are not familiar with what it means to spiritually cleanse yourself, it is essentially the ridding or removal of negative energy from your aura and spiritual environment. Sometimes we need only to cleanse our bodies to remove negative spiritual energy, whilst other times we find that we must cleanse the environment in which we call home or even our places of "work".

There are many forms of spiritual cleansing that are practiced throughout the world. We at Milokan Botanica are dedicated to the idea of doing "what works for you". However, in this blog we will discuss remedies known within the realm of Afro-Caribbean religions such Vodou, Santeria, and even American Hoodoo also known as "Roots".

Cleansing/Purification by Smoke (Incense, Sage, Nagchampa, Copal etc)

Cleansing/Purification by Spiritual Baths and Blessed Waters

Cleansing/Purification by Animal Sacrifice and Ritual Offering

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