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The Importance of Cleansing in the New Year✨

As we approach the new year, many of us may feel the need to reassess the directions of our lives. Perhaps this past year wasn’t too kind to you in luck, love, or both. Perhaps this year was a great one and you feel the need to continue the momentum. Either way, cleansing your energy as we enter the new year is JUST AS IMPORTANT as cleaning your home. It is imperative that you view your body as a vessel of energy. The energy you carry is the energy you transmit. If you are walking around feeling dominated by a dark cloud; chances are that energy will follow you in your quests

For luck, love, and prosperity.

Transversely, if you feel that your luck has been soaring don’t shy away from enhancing your positive energy by cleansing your body and space as well. If you are unsure which items will suit your cleanse. -and would like further information feel free to give us a call at (305)816-6518 for suggestions and tips. 

Happy New Year!


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